Shira Route

The Shira route on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, is one of the least used first higher-going sends on the mountain, partly because of its distance, widely different placing.

The go up begins at a high getting-higher, Morum barrier Gate, nearly 12,000 ft. (3600M 1). In this way, you have to start slow and simple, not hard on this way. You start your long, hard journey in the heather part, bypassing the wet Forest at the back of, and immediately get yourself on the first day of the long, hard journey on the Shira Plateau.

The first day of your Kilimanjaro go up is simply short to Begin the acclimatization 2 process. You use up the next 2 days going for long walk across the high flat space, which is said to be one of the most stunningly beautiful (goes for) long walks in Africa. The high flat space itself is grassland, flat waste land and moor, and is starting point to especially greatly sized scenic (up to 10M 3 high). On the high flat space, one can often see elands, sometimes buffaloes, leopards and other animals. The Shira pointed form, which is an of old basin-like hollow, gets up about 200M 3 above the high flat space. Along the of the south top of a long slope of the Shira high flat space there are 2 like an actor in a play peaks, chief church and the Needle. All of these make come into existence strange stage place to have special rights on this route.

The Shira way hang from wall A eventually goes into together with Machame Route on day three. From this point all the 2 hangs go on to lava 4 tall structure, and then down into the Great Barranco 5 low land between mountains, where the Umbwe way joins from the south.

Note: The road to the starting point of Shira Route is only readily got to by 4-wd vehicles and can become impassable during the wet seasons (when it might be necessary to start from a lower point). But the private road itself to the trailhead offers interesting or surprising thing seen views of the Great long, narrow crack low land between mountains and the all round, nearby mountains including Mt. Meru and Longido. It follows the of old Shira long, narrow crack band, an order of parasitic pointed forms on the go round side of the burning mountain. The plants changes with sudden, surprising along the way are coming upon.