Serengeti National Park

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Serengeti park got its name from Maasai origin “Siringeti” which means, the endless plains with no doubt one in every of the world’s most famous wild areas and is an in ongoing supply of inspiration to writers, filmmakers, photographers and adventurers

Every year the plains of Serengeti are home to one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles, the migration of 1.4 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands zebra and gazelle, tracked by Africa’s great predators. The migration is often described as a set circuit that occurs between Tanzania’s Serengeti plains in the south and Kenya’s Maasai Mara in the north between May and December each year but the reality of the migration is much more complex. At a most basic level the migration is driven by the rain and the new grass that follows it. Given this unpredictability here are broad guidelines

There are plenty of Safari companies that offer safaris. But with boundless reputation and more of wild experience Exclusive Wilderness Trails is a home-grown company and the owners of the safari company based in the heart of Arusha, allowing you the opportunity to explore the Tanzania during the year with the most experienced professionals in planning a safari, and most professional safari guides that will make your holiday a remarkable experience.


The Serengeti is home to a simply remarkable number of species. Of course, the main attraction is the Great Migration, when over a million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle traverse the plains along age-old migration routes in search of fresh grass.

But the Serengeti is also one of the few places in Africa where game viewing is spectacular year round, and it is classic Big Five territory. Vast herds of grazers are ever present and predator numbers are high, with almost 3 500 lion in the area and frequent sightings of leopard and cheetah.


  • Walking Safari
  • Birding Watching
  • Hot air Balloon
  • Wildlife photographic

Game Drive

Nothing beats the exhilaration of tracking and then finding an elusive animal. We have all our Guides and tour leaders trained to the highest standards. Study and photograph the big cats of the area at your leisure, and absorb the astonishing sight of massive herds of wildebeest appearing to take over the plains. The guides share their great knowledge of the flora and fauna and birds of the Serengeti with you as together you explore the finest corners and hidden secrets of this African beautiful wildlife reserve.

Hot air balloon

Nothing conquer the feeling of gliding silently over the game-filled plains on a balloon safari, as the early-morning sun rises over the horizon. Typically, a balloon safari begins at around 6 am and lasts for one to two hours. Balloon safaris (additional cost) in the Serengeti take off from designated sites in the nearby Seronera area. The safari is followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush, a fitting end to a memorable flight in the wild.


Short & Long Grass Plains, Savannahs, Open Woodlands, Riverine Areas, Wetlands, Mountains


  • The World’s class National Reserve with abundantly of Wildlife
  • Annual migration of 1.7 million wildebeest
  • The largest population wild cats in Africa
  • Stunningly beautiful landscapes

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