Walking safaris ‘‘Explore Tanzania on foot’’

Walking safaris are, for many that regularly return to Africa, the ultimate way to experience the bush. Tanzania does also, in fact, have some very good walking safaris places.

Tanzania is one of the greatest places for walking safaris in Africa, Touch the savannah grass brush against your leg of the Arusha National Park mud engulf your boot. Appreciate the vastness of the grasslands and look up to understand just how tall giraffes really are. As you hike on the trails of Mount Meru you have best chance to sight the Mount Kilimanjaro

Go at your own pace and take in everything around you, making your safari a unique experience that you help to create. Let us take you on a journey through Tanzania’s diverse landscapes by foot. Come walk with us.

Our walking safaris are genuinely unique. We are pioneers in setting up walking safaris, particularly in the famous Serengeti National Park Exclusive Wilderness Trails developed walks in some of the most remote corners of Tanzania. We think these walks are one of the best and most memorable African experiences on earth.

Serengeti walking safaris

Exclusive Wilderness Trails is one of the few outfits granted permission to lead extended walks in the park and the only ones accessing the deep interior zones. We have led many exciting treks and have surveyed miles of previously unexplored country, mapping dozens of ideal camping spots and crucial river crossings for access in and out. No people, no roads, no other tourism permitted.

Wildlife in Serengeti, While walking it is not uncommon to see big cats, huge herds of Cape buffalo, Elephants, and the countless other species such as Eland, Giraffe and Zebra. At about 6000 feet, there is no better climate for walking and the scenery is stunning. Overall, it is arguably the finest wildlife trek in Africa.

Our Serengeti walks are different from normal walking safaris where one is mixed with other guests on short walks from a lodge or the camp that you stay. For our safaris, every trip is private to the specific group, whether you are a group of 8 or a honeymoon couple. This allows flexibility for each group to go at their own pace. Some like to take it easy and others enjoy challenging themselves for longer routes. Usually, we move camp every day departing at about 07:30 to walk until lunchtime. After we depart, the crew breaks camp, loads it into the land rover and heads to the next spot, pre-determined by GPS, to set up in time for our arrival at lunch. It is a rare privilege to spend several days without ever stepping into a vehicle.

Tarangire walking safaris

Tarangire walking safari tour is another tourist opportunity offered by Tarangire National park. The walking safari begins at base camp near Silale, Kuro,Minyonyo and Mkungunero then goes through African bush encountering real nature walk while accompanied with armed ranger. This walking tour can be combined with light game drive at this beautiful park where by you come across Mega herbivore like Elephants, Buffaloes, and Giraffes etc.

Best time for walking

The best time r for walks in Selous and Katavi is between June and October. If you’re looking to walk in the North – the southern & eastern edges of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area are best between December and May, whilst the central & northern Serengeti and Tarangire area are better from July through to October.

Almost by definition walking safaris of this sort are not about distance, they’re about slipping below the surface of the wild, and doing your best to observe wild animals without being observed yourself. Some of the best ‘walks’ we have done have covered little more than a mile in a couple of hours but have generated an intensity of experience that will stay in people’s memories for years to come.

There is no doubt that wilderness areas, where the impact of us humans is minimal, are becoming scarcer and scarcer in this world and this is especially true in Africa. Each year such areas dwindle and they are truly becoming a rare and valuable resource. And we admit that at times we feel we are always on the back foot having to search out new places. Despite this Tanzania still has some fantastic wilderness and we believe that Exclusive Wilderness Trails continues to offer quality and unique walking safaris in Tanzania.

If you are looking for an amazing adventure in the next few years, please contact us to work out in detail the options and costs. We also offer a range of exciting short walks in and around National Parks in Northern Tanzania that can be incorporated into your itinerary.

Find out about our Walking Safari Camps. Or look at a potential Wilderness Safari including walking inside the Serengeti National Park.

If you have any questions or you want to book a walking safari, please contact us.

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